Can I get a personal credit loan from a bank?

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Banks can handle personal credit loans. A personal credit loan is a loan issued on the borrower’s creditworthiness and generally requires only information such as proof of identity, proof of income, and information about the workplace, without any collateral.
Bank lending will be evaluated based on personal credit situation and income. The amount is generally not too low if the repayment ability is high and there are no other loans. If you’re a person with an average credit situation and income, then the borrowing amount is generally not too high or even no loan qualification.

A, the basic process of personal credit loans
1, the borrower selects the bank, understands the loan policy, requirements and interest rates of each bank and other regulations;
2, the selected bank, in accordance with the requirements of the account manager to prepare the loan materials;
3、During the processing period, keep in touch with the account manager at any time to understand the processing situation and cooperate with problem solving;
4、Sign the loan contract and complete the loan procedures;
5、After the loan is successfully issued and used, repay the loan in a timely manner according to the agreement.
Second, personal credit loan application requirements
1, 18 years of age or older, Chinese citizens with full civil capacity, and the sum of the borrower’s age and the loan period does not exceed 60 years of age.
2, has a legitimate and stable economic income of a good occupation, with the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule.
3、Compliance with the law, no illegal acts and bad credit record.
4、Have a settlement account with the applicant bank; other conditions stipulated by the applicant bank.

C. Classification of personal credit loans
1、Monthly loan
The monthly payment loan is a credit loan based on the multiples of the borrower’s existing monthly loan payments (mortgage flow), which can also be said to be a loan product for homeowners to repay their mortgage.
It is important to note that a monthly payment loan is different from a mortgage loan in that a mortgage loan requires the appearance of both spouses, the property is common property, and the credit of both spouses must be checked. In the case of monthly payment loans, the mortgage is reflected in the credit report of whoever can apply.

2、Policy loan
Policy loans are derived from the cash value of the policy. Insurance policies like life insurance, participating insurance, traditional critical illness insurance with cash value can only be applied for policy loans, and the benefits and cash value growth of the policy are not affected in the process of policy loans.
To apply for a policy loan, you need to meet these requirements: 1. The premiums are not single payment (i.e. the premiums are paid in installments, not in a lump sum); there is no record of reinstatement (the actual payment time cannot exceed 70 days from the due time); 3. You can apply within 2 months of payment; 4. You cannot change the policyholder within 2 years.