What low-fat as well as tasty fast food are readily available throughout weight-loss?

What low-fat and delicious convenience foods are available during weight loss?

Snacking is a difficult food to completely give up in our daily lives, and desserts are a huge temptation for many people. In fact, we don’t have to completely reject desserts when we are on a diet, we just have to control what and how much we eat.

Here I want to talk to you about how cookies, bread and cakes should be chosen during fat loss if you need to save time and want to be healthier, and how different cookies and bread cakes differ from each other. A beautiful friend of mine, once loved to eat coarse grain cookies, mixed grain cookies, seaweed cookies, basically the kind of sugar-free cookies, the taste is actually not good. Once I saw her post a friend circle and said: for health, I can sacrifice some taste, than fattening food brings guilt, health makes me feel more happy and relaxed.

But talking to her I also found that because she thought these cookies were healthier, so she ate without restraint. And always feel that it does not matter if you buy healthy food and just eat more of it. I couldn’t help it anymore, so I said to her seriously: You know what? These cookies may be more fattening than rice.

She was horrified to hear that. What’s going on here? In fact, she can’t be blamed first, mainly because the business is too smart, the front of the food packaging is actually an advertisement for this food, from the text, images, and even colors, are influencing your judgment. The team of packaging design is racking their brains to grab your eyeballs and make you buy, and you will be particularly happy to buy. Rather than us choosing the snacks, the snacks choose us! I’ve summarized for you the three big pitfalls of shopping for cookies.

First, it will tell you no sugar, but the fat content is particularly high.

Second, it will tell you coarse grains, but the main ingredient is still fine grains – that is, wheat flour.

Third, the third, it will tell you that the special tips are vegetables, seaweed cookies, but in fact, the composition of vegetables is particularly small, but the salt added a lot.

About sugar and fat is a trick that businessmen especially love to use. If the cookies are made without a lot of sugar, they need more fat to increase the crispy texture and adhesion, and if there is no sugar and fat, the product will be very unpalatable, and the business will not dare to go against the market demand. So businesses tend to use the sound of the approach, only to say good, not bad. Want to crack, it is also very simple, just pick up the cookie to see the back of the nutrition table, you can find that the fat content is generally greater than 25%, and some are even more than 30%. That is, this cookie, a third of all fat. It is not put sugar, but it is too much fat over the limit. And even more terrible, the same weight, fat provides more than double the calories of sugar.