Health insurance classroom: establish the correct concept of borrowing, choose the formal loan channel

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In recent years, multi-species and diversified financial loan business has flourished, especially various types of personal loans, which effectively meet the financial needs of the majority of consumers and improve the quality of life. However, the associated risks should not be ignored, and if not paid attention to, may bring unnecessary trouble to individuals and even families.

One should establish the correct concept of borrowing and lending. Consumers should establish the correct concept of borrowing, raise awareness of risk prevention, develop rational consumption habits, promote the virtue of diligence and frugality, scientific arrangements for living expenses, and do a good job of cutting costs and living within their means. Establish a sense of responsible borrowing and do not rely excessively on borrowing and consumption. Be clear about your own loan needs, and determine whether you need a loan and what kind of loan you need based on your needs.

Second, choose a formal loan route. If there is a real need for loans, consumers should choose formal financial institutions and formal channels to apply for loans, you can call the official customer service phone number of financial institutions, go to the financial institutions business outlets, cell phone APP application and other channels to consult for. Consumers should carefully do prior consultation, fully and truthfully provide materials to financial institutions, objectively assess their own creditworthiness, determine the loan amount and repayment method they want to apply for according to their repayment ability and future income expectations, and the monthly repayment amount should not exceed 50% of their income.

Third, to understand the loan contract agreement. Consumers should read the terms and conditions of the loan contract carefully to clarify their rights and obligations, focusing on the loan amount, loan term, loan interest rate, loan purpose, repayment time, repayment method, early repayment agreement, the impact of late repayment and other elements, especially the part of the contract highlights, beware of hidden costs, to ensure full knowledge and understanding of the rights and obligations before signing the contract to avoid disputes. Strictly comply with the loan contract regarding the use of the loan, truthfully inform the true use of the loan, and cooperate in providing relevant supporting documents. For consumers who intend to purchase loan guarantee insurance, they must fully understand the functions and features of loan guarantee insurance products, read the terms of the loan contract and the insurance contract carefully, pay attention to the relevant fees and understand that the insurance company pays for the loan, recovers the arrears and reports the credit after it is overdue.

Fourth, the contract borrowing should be returned on time. Borrowers should comply with the loan contract, cherish their “credit cards”, make repayments and interest payments on time, and deposit the repayment funds in full into the repayment account before the repayment date, so as to avoid overdue information arising from failure to make full and timely repayment on the repayment date, which will be reported by financial institutions to the financial credit information database as required, thus affecting the borrower’s The personal credit record of the borrower will have an adverse impact on his future loans, travel and employment.

Fifth, we must rationally defend the legitimate rights and interests. If consumers have disputes over personal loan business or believe that their rights and interests have been violated, they should pay attention to retaining the corresponding evidence and can promptly complain to the financial institution, or apply for mediation to the industry mediation organization, and if necessary, apply for arbitration or file a lawsuit in court according to the loan contract. If irregularities such as bundled sales, unreasonably high service fees, and irregular loan collections are found, they can be reported in writing to the regulatory authorities.