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In 2023, into the financial technology post or the Internet big factory?

Trump claims “” the head of state can not have a dispute of rate of interest”” – is he right?

In 2020, there was no Internet winter at that time, and the domestic Internet industry was thriving. I had several offers from big Internet companies and several offers from banks for technology positions, and after thinking about it for a long time, I chose the bank because I wanted to seek a stable, work-life balance job with a decent salary level. The technology jobs related to the bank’s head office are more in line with my criteria. The big Internet companies pay a lot of money, but they may often work overtime and are not stable, so I didn’t go in the end.
Then in 2023, the background of the Internet winter, before considering which of the two to choose, you first have to be able to get both types of offers before making a choice. In today’s Internet winter, the Internet majors downsizing and layoffs, school recruiting will be very competitive and exceptionally difficult to enter; bank head office financial technology jobs are mainly software development department, and the threshold of the bank’s soft opening is getting higher and higher, 985 computer masters abound, competition is also exceptionally fierce. Generally can get at the same time the Internet big factory and the bank soft open offer, school education and technical ability are good.
Then choose which one, depending on what kind of life you want, what your life path planning is, and how the family material conditions. If you pursue technical improvement, the pursuit of high salary, then go to the Internet big factory; if your family is not short of money, the pursuit of job stability, the pursuit of work-life balance, then go to the bank. But also to say, the bank soft open words not necessarily guarantee work-life balance, because some systems work a lot of overtime, but a lot more stable than the Internet that is guaranteed.