Loan of insurance finance

Wells Fargo fined  billion for violent customer finances

Although insurance is different from banks, there is no flexible access to the function, but not absolutely no turnover, when you encounter financial difficulties, you can do the policy mortgage is also very convenient, is the insurance policy as collateral, you can loan their cash value of 70-90%, every six months to settle the interest can be, and the interest is not higher than the same period of bank interest.

In the loan at the same time, the policy dividends remain unchanged, continue to enjoy dividends, and interest offset each other some, almost equivalent to no interest.

In recent years, various financial companies and banks have also introduced credit loans, one of the requirements is to have a life insurance policy, the amount can be approved to as much as 20 to 60 times the insurance premium, is an important channel for the majority of insurance customers capital turnover, helping many people with financial difficulties.

There are many customers who operate a big business with a lot of loans and think it is too uneconomical to have a loan to buy insurance, in fact, this is a misconception on consumption, think about it, there is a loan originally assets are negative, and then some risky situations, the difficulties faced will not be greater.

In fact, in many cases, the loan and buy insurance is associated, for example, installment to buy a car, the requirement is that you must buy full coverage, and the loan is not paid off before, you can not change the insurance coverage at will.