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For personal home loans (commercial loans), the following basic points should be mastered

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Nowadays, it is not easy to buy a house because of the purchase and loan restrictions. Although we all know that a loan to buy a house can slightly reduce the pressure of the house, but do you really know some basic knowledge of personal home loans (commercial loans)? Do you know what the application conditions, required materials, etc. are?
A. Business loan conditions and years

Loan conditions

1, the age of 18-65 years old natural persons.

2, there is a purchase of housing more than 30% of the full amount of funds as a down payment (down payment ratio how much in accordance with the first two sets of standards to implement, here to the first suite down payment of 30% of the proportion to calculate).

3, have a stable job, can provide by the work unit stamped income certificate and bank flow in the last six months (monthly income is greater than 2 times the monthly payment).

4、Good credit, in line with the commercial loan review criteria.

Loan term

1、Male loan life = 65 years old – actual age (and not more than 30 years)

2、Female loan term = 60 years old – actual age (and not more than 30 years)

3, the loan term of both spouses is taken as the loan term of the longer one (and not more than 30 years).

Second, the information required for the loan

In addition to these essential materials, ID card, account book, proof of income, bank flow in the past six months, down payment invoices, record contracts, repayment cards, will be charged according to different circumstances of additional materials

PS supplementary information

1, married to provide a marriage certificate: check the original to receive a copy.

2, divorced to provide a divorce certificate, divorce agreement or court ruling: view the original to receive a copy.

3、Insufficient repayment capacity, add a co-payer, the information to be provided: the co-payer’s ID card, account book, marriage certificate, income certificate and six months of bank flow.

Third, the process of commercial loans

1, in the loan to buy a house before, check their credit history. Banks usually refuse to lend to those with bad credit records.

2、Pay the down payment and sign the Contract of Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property.

3、Provide relevant information, go to the bank to sign the Loan Contract and open an account with the lending bank for repayment.

4、After the information is complete, the bank reviews the Loan Contract, determines the loan amount, and issues the loan.

5、After the release of the loan, the bank notifies the transferee by SMS, and the repayer regularly deposits the mortgage into the repayment card of that bank.