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What should I do after I get my undergraduate offer and how to choose between Firm and Insurance choice?

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It’s the season for children applying to UK undergraduate programs to harvest offers. Many Qidian UK students have already received offers from various schools one after another. So what should you do after receiving an offer from a UK university, and how should you choose between Insurance Choice and Firm Choice?

When all the universities you have applied to have given you their final results, UCAS will send you an email to remind you that your status has been updated. It is important to note that if you do not respond before the deadline, UCAS will automatically reject all your offers.

Although you can fill in five choices when applying to UCAS, even if all five schools/majors give you an offer, you can only keep two of them, one is firm choice and one is insurance choice.
Firm Choice is your first choice school, that is, your first choice, if you meet the requirements, you will be accepted, and once accepted, you must go to this school.
Insurance Choice is the second choice, when you can not reach the conditions listed in the first offer but can meet the conditions listed in the second offer, you will be accepted by Insurance Choice.
Before choosing a firm choice, you should evaluate all schools again, including their overall ranking, major ranking, offer terms, location, and cost of attendance, and choose the school that you like the most and have some certainty about.
You need to be careful when choosing your insurance choice, which is the equivalent of a guaranteed school and can be your fallback if you do not meet the requirements of your firm choice. Therefore, be sure to estimate your matriculation or Alevel results. And choose according to your estimated grades. Usually it is recommended that the insurance choice school should have lower requirements for your future grades than the firm choice school, so as to play a more secure role.