How do I waive insurance when I’m a graduate student in the United States?

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Insurance for F1 visa students is mandatory, you must have it no matter what. The only thing you can do is to waive the insurance provided by the school (which is more expensive, has a wider coverage and a larger reimbursement) and buy the insurance provided by the social enterprise (which is cheaper, has a narrow coverage and a smaller reimbursement). First, you need to check with the school to see if social insurance is acceptable as an alternative to the school’s student insurance. Some U.S. schools will accept outside insurance, while others will only accept on-campus insurance. If the school agrees with the outside insurance, then the student can purchase the outside insurance and get the insurance card number to waive the school insurance. The process varies from school to school, but it is not difficult and the student should be able to work it out on their own. However, it is important to note. Before deciding whether or not to purchase an off-campus insurance policy, please consider carefully: whether your potential accident risk during the policy period is worth the trade-off of your on-campus insurance.