Life is under great pressure.housing loans,Raising children,Many young people can support themselves.You can enjoy life without marriage and live a more relaxed life.

New houses see rate decrease, though supply continues to be reduced

In fact, the sociology of this question has long been given the answer.
The development of productivity determines the smallest unit of social structure. The form of social development is:
Tribal society — “clan society —” family society-“personal society
In the era of backward production capacity and a sharp lack of supplies, people need to hold group heating and get food to cooperate with food, so the smallest unit of society is the tribe.
When humans enter the feudal society, the productivity has improved, and the clan becomes the smallest unit; then the economy continues to develop, and the family becomes the smallest unit.
With the continuous enhancement of productivity and the continuous improvement of social security measures, the “one -person family” is sufficient to resist risks and promote the use of marriage into the minimum unit to resist risks.
During the period of lack of productivity, marriage can make 1+1> 2; and today’s society 1+1 <1 is abound, which has prompted the soaring divorce rate and the reasons for many people to choose from.
Extra -class knowledge, religion has made too much “sacred” significance to marriage, therefore covering the essence of marriage. The essence of marriage is to bundle the two people to form a community of interests to resist risks. The “meaning” given by religion is to enhance its stability and conducive to rule.
Some people will say, is there no love anymore, how many people are married for love, and how many people have love and do not come together and eventually marry others, so is love and marriage inevitably connected? Whether there is love or not You are looking for someone to get married, so what is the significance of marriage? So I returned to the above “extracurricular knowledge” -nowned by interest and religious pressure (Confucianism, traditional thought).