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Insurance Mini-Class: Preventing Policy Loan Fraud

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First, pay attention to the protection of personal information

Do not inform others of your ID card, bank card, insurance contract and other information, and do not easily pass the insurance contract to others. In case of theft and illegal use of personal information by lawless elements, you should report to the public security authorities in the first instance to avoid suffering property losses due to the leakage of personal information.

2. Verify the qualification of the organization in time

After receiving a call or SMS from an insurance company claiming to be an insurance company or its staff, insurance consumers must verify and confirm through the insurance company’s national unified customer service telephone number, official website, official APP or policy service personnel and other formal channels, and do not trust unknown illegal institutions or individuals.

Third, rational understanding of the policy loan business, be wary of the risk of illegal fund-raising

In the face of unscrupulous personnel induced to handle policy loans, funds trusteeship and other business, to maintain a high degree of vigilance, to prevent personal funds suffered losses.