How do I do Debt Plans?

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Want to settle your debts and get out of the debt quagmire, you must calm down and sort out your debts in a rational and realistic way?
First of all, we have to classify our debt, to see whether your debt belongs to individuals or banks, small loans or online loans, on credit or not on credit, high interest or low interest, anxious to pay or can be delayed, can reduce the cost, or can not be reduced, can negotiate or can not negotiate, etc. …
Because of the classification of their own debt to know how to plan their debt, that familiar with the debt after it, we must begin to plan their debt to see which stage you are now?
Is it pre-risk control or post-risk control? The pre-control stage refers to the normal flow of their debt, there is no overdue situation, the late stage of the wind control refers to the debt has been overdue, there is no normal repayment situation.
What is the difference in the way of handling the pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure?
The approach taken in the early stages of risk control is often to reduce the overall cost of debt, increase the quality of low-cost debt, and replace those high cost of poor quality debt!
Includes credit cards, credit card customer loans, online loans, consumer loans, etc. The cost of debt is reduced, they have to pay back less, less can help us quickly on the shore.
The wind control period, often with financial institutions to negotiate repayment, apply for waiver of penalty interest, etc., and then their own repayment period lengthened after the longer the repayment cycle, the average to each month we pay back less, but also help us to quickly go ashore.
After the debt is sorted out, stop those endless collection calls, whether they are made to yourself or to your family, or to relatives, friends and colleagues who have made so many calls, apply to stop to reduce your stress and the difficulty of being disturbed, so that you can quietly go to make money.
After you have done the debt planning, then you start to implement, set a good goal, step by step to do! Then many friends may say: I have no income because of the epidemic this time. In fact, it is not because of the epidemic, the epidemic is just your overdue trigger, we have to face the reality, do not escape, even if there is no epidemic, then try to ask your income pattern composition can still last a few months?
Even if there is no epidemic, there is no need to cover up! Because not all debts are disgraceful.
If at the time you went to the platform to borrow money because you wanted to cure a disease or try to start a business, but failed because of bad luck, then your borrowing, your debt is not disgraceful at all! In time, you can definitely get back on the shore again to stand up, to believe in yourself, you are facing these are only temporary!
That if you are because of gambling investment trick to borrow money, or because of vanity impulse consumption early consumption, resulting in the last fury, and then to loan for loan to this point today, please stop these actions immediately, think about it, think about your future, is not to then, we have to confirm their income situation, corresponding to make planning, I do not know read this article friends you Have how many arrears, how many empty card status credit cards? Is it now partially overdue? Or has a full collapse ? But in any case, these are related to your income.
If the income is stable then open source and cut costs, try to increase your income, reduce daily expenses and get on the bank early.
If you do not have a stable income, or your income is only enough to cover your normal living expenses, then you have to make an important decision and immediately implement it: the
Please start being fully overdue immediately! That’s right! Force yourself to get fully overdue!
Don’t think about it, don’t be afraid to save face and don’t be timid. The reason is very simple, in this case, the only thing you can do is to tear down the east wall to make up for the west wall, A platform to borrow to return B platform, in your demolition can not move, you can only go to beg friends and relatives, borrow a bunch of human debt ……
And in the end? Your debt will be more and more, not only the bank and platform collection, but also the consideration and pressure of favors!
So, fully overdue is the first step to the shore, but also the most effective and critical first step!
Made a change?
Clearly understand one thing, in their own desperate time, comprehensive overdue is to pay back the money, stop to loan to loan, only find ways to increase income, so that their ability and financial strength to reach a sufficient degree, after the money to communicate with the platform to communicate their debts, in order to give themselves in the most confusing years of debt to win valuable respite.
Some of you may ask: How do I face collections then? How can I face my friends and family being harassed by collections? How do I open up a side business to increase my income? How do I plan to make repayments and so on and so forth?
I can’t answer all of your questions and share them one by one because of the limited space.
If you have questions, you can leave me a message, and I will tell you the most direct, effective and reasonable method based on your message and my own personal experience as well as the personal experience of many of my fans and friends. That’s it for today’s sharing, if you also have debt troubles. Pay attention to Hershey’s help to know more about debt.