Why do many people feel that selling insurance is a very low occupation?

Grown-up youngsters are setting you back several moms and dads their retired life financial savings

In general, this line of insurance is older, unemployed people will go to work.
Once opened 29 policies a month, the first. During this period I experienced a lot of rejection, but never doubted the value of insurance to people.
But you let me say that selling insurance is a noble job, I really can not say, because it is a false statement.
Personal perceptions are subjective and everyone can have their own opinion.
But what is the perception of the majority of people, which is very objective.
Most people just think that this profession is low, and this is something that must be recognized.
Before selling insurance I worked as a financial lecturer, led students and published books.
At that time, no matter what people thought of me in their hearts, they were still willing to honor me with a “teacher” on their faces.
When I first started selling insurance, many people did not understand and even felt sorry for me.
I was honest, and I told people what they thought.
“I wanted to make more money because I was poor, and I couldn’t do anything else, so I had to sell insurance.
In a few words, I was able to stuff all the words in the throat of others.
I’ve heard all kinds of touching stories from insurance companies about why they are in insurance.
I don’t know if any of these stories will be believed by customers, but I don’t believe them myself, and I don’t have such stories to tell.
I just recognize this truth in my heart: a job, let me tell the truth, let me have face, and let me earn money, how can there be such a good thing? Even if there is such a good thing, and why is it my turn?
So focus on what you want on the line, anyway, I do insurance is to earn money.
As for respect, my customers respect me on the line, that is what I can fight for.
How people outside of the customer see me, how people see the industry, I do not care, and can not care.
Doing sales is not to raise the bar, that’s it.