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All American Life Indexed Universal Life Transamerica FFIUL

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I. Transamerica Company Introduction
Transamerica, founded in 1904, is an American company that owns several life insurance companies and investment companies, and enjoys a high honor and status in the United States, known as All American Life (or Pan American Life). –the founder of Bank of America.
Transamerica Life has been a leader in the industry for many years, and has been a strong competitor in the Top 10 U.S. life insurance companies in recent years, with its indexed universal life insurance holding the Top 3 position in the U.S. market for a long time. Today, All American Life is a member of the global insurance giant Aegon, the Dutch global insurance group.
Listed on the Amsterdam and New York Stock Exchanges, AEGON Global Insurance Group is one of the ten largest life insurance companies in the world. 2019 Fortune World 500 list ranked Aegon 139th with total assets under management of $475.4 billion.

II. Introduction of Transamerica products
[Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL Whole Life Indexed Universal Life Insurance] is currently one of the most advanced products in the U.S. life insurance market, focusing on the accumulation of policy cash value and both high death benefits. Its profit-making account is mainly linked to mainstream stock indices, and through structured operations, it ensures that customers’ account funds are not lost when the stock index market plunges, and provides considerable appreciation potential when the broad stock index rises, and its comprehensive yield far exceeds that of other types of insurance.
The policy account value is not directly invested in the market, so one does not have to be an investment expert to benefit from market growth. Customers can purchase this insurance product for various needs such as children’s education, retirement planning and wealth transfer.