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UK National Insurance Number (NI).

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As you know, you can work part-time in the UK with a student visa, but you cannot work more than 20 hours per week. If you are caught working illegally, your visa may be cancelled and you will be sent back to your home country. Therefore, the first step to work part-time is to apply for National Insurance Number.

What is National Insurance Number?
To work in the UK, you must first apply for a National Insurance Number (NINO), which is called “National Insurance Number (NINO)”.
The NI number is similar to social security in China and is used by everyone who works in the UK to pay their personal tax and social security. If you are officially employed and receive a salary before obtaining an NI number, you may face charges of deliberate tax evasion. Therefore, employers are often reluctant to hire people who have not yet obtained a National Insurance Number in order to avoid these problems.
Briefly, a NINO is a number used within the UK to protect the National Insurance and Social Security systems and also contributes to the UK tax system. The UK government describes this number as a “personal account number” because it is the only number that every UK person has (the government automatically sends it to UK children at age 16). It is the only number that every British person has (the government automatically gives it to British children at age 16). As “foreigners” in the UK, we need to apply for a NINO ourselves as long as we are working.

How to apply for a National Insurance Number
Step 1: Call
Call the Job Centre (08456000643), which is a chargeable phone number, and their working hours are 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday.
The phone may ring for a long time to pass, so it is recommended to call in the morning when there are fewer people will not wait too long, after the connection will be voice at first, follow the instructions after the operation o will receive a person.

Application Step 2: Fill out the form
After receiving the form, basically fill out some basic personal information in accordance with the instructions on the form and skip the parts you don’t know how to fill out (like some parts of your own experience).
1. use a black pen and capital letters to fill in 2. if you make a mistake, cross out, re-fill the correct information on the side, sign and date the form
3. pay attention to Deadline, must be sent within the deadline, otherwise you need to call again for the application form
4. You need to attach relevant identification documents such as passport, visa, BRP before sending it out.
5. There is a self-addressed stamp-free envelope in the letter you send, just drop it in the mail or go to the post office after you finish.
6. If several items have been crossed out by the staff before this form is sent, fill out all the rest except the ones that have been crossed out. Try to fill out the form carefully, otherwise you will be sent a new form to fill out again if your application is not approved.

Application Step 3: After receiving the NI Number, it means
1. you will have to pay the UK government a penny less in taxes after working.
2. But it is also a guarantee for yourself, as the NI Number allows the
The government can track your social benefits, such as pensions, etc.
3. All legal employment records can be found with this number.
What to do if you lose your NI Number
First, your NI Number can be found directly on your pay stubs or any tax-related correspondence, but if you don’t have them, don’t worry! You can also call the National Insurance Number Helpline and they will ask you some questions and if you answer them correctly you can get your NINO back. However, they will not give you your NINO number directly over the phone, but will mail it to you again (it will take about 15 business days). If you can’t answer these questions over the phone, it doesn’t matter, you can download and fill out form CA5403 online and send it to the designated location (the address is written on the form).
The entire application process is still relatively simple, with this number, we can work. To work in the UK, in addition to paying taxes, you also need to pay one of the NI money. For example, some students work part-time, because the annual salary does not reach the standard of paying tax, so each month’s salary will not be deducted from the tax but deducted NI. in addition, if you have moved, or changed your name, married and other personal information has changed, you should also remember to update the information oh. Finally, I wish you all the best and find a job that suits you!