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How to make a good debt repayment plan when you are in debt, this article may help you

What’s a Dad or mum PLUS Mortgage?

First of all, let’s be clear, in front of most debts, credit cards should be paid off first no matter what
A true rogue will owe no one money but the bank.
This is because, you owe money to online loans, P2P, other individuals, all belong to civil disputes, at best, illegal acts, will not involve criminal law;.
But if you owe credit cards, money owed to the bank, personal credit directly burst is the second, the most troublesome is likely to violate the criminal law, will be sentenced to prison.
Credit card “malicious overdraft” sentencing standards
The above definition of credit card is rather general, I will quantify and expand to say.
I believe that many friends will not forge and fraudulent use, more just overdue, unable to repay, so may be considered as “malicious overdraft”.
1、Malicious overdraft filing standard: 10000
2. How to define: If you are overdue for more than 3 months and have been called by the bank for more than 2 times and refuse to repay, you will be judged as having a malicious overdraft.
Of course, in the vast majority of cases, if your overdue amount is small, such as within 100,000 yuan, the bank will not really bother to count you, because it costs to prosecute you.
Generally speaking, banks have a partnership with law enforcement agencies (police stations) and even have a certain number of “quotas” each year for how many people must be prosecuted for malicious overdrafts, especially at the end of the year, and if there is a large shortage of quotas, it is not unlikely that they will make a “surprise arrest” to make up the number of people. The number of places.
If you owe money to the bank, you have to weigh the risk of dangerous crimes and criminalization.
In case you go in, you lose your freedom, not to mention that the assets are also applied for foreclosure by the bank, how uneconomical.
Online loans, personal loans, if you can afford it, it is recommended that at least the principal be paid back
The actual paper tiger is actually a cash loan, the means are used in the interest rollover and collection.
Now the regulation is strictly investigated online loans, 24% interest rate red line has been drawn, if there are platforms dare to disguise beyond this interest rate, you can just complain is.
Personally, if the principal of the online loan is not much, it is recommended to at least pay back the principal – after all, now many online loan platforms and P2P cooperation, lending you money, it is likely to be the same as you ordinary people. They use part of their family savings to invest in P2P, just to earn some higher interest than the bank wealth, is not greedy.
As for the interest beyond 24%, unless you have money to burn, you don’t need to pay attention.