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Do U.S. universities not offer financial aid to international students?

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It should be noted that American universities are divided into two types of funds for students, one called Financial AID, and the other is called Scholarship. Students will not be issued to international students, they will only be issued to American students and green card holders. As an international student, you can only apply for Scholarship (scholarship)

At the same time, scholarships are also divided into two types, one is Merit-Based Scholarship. This is a student with a good grade. You do not need to apply for it. When you accept it for students -Based Scholarship, this is a student who is not very good to the family, but you must know whether the universities in the United States now need a large number of international students to pay tuition, so in addition to the Changchun vines, there are several top schools. The scholarship will affect the probability of admission. In other words, if you want the school to give money, the chance of being admitted will be smaller.
In general, the top comprehensive colleges and the School of Arts and Sciences, especially the School of Arts and Sciences, are very generous to students, and the School of Arts and Sciences is relatively rich.

Many schools provide economic assistance to international students, but the competition is very fierce. As an independent university consultant from the United States, I have data from the amount of funds that international students have awarded international students in the past few years. If you ask for information from a specific school, I am happy to share this information with you, or I will email you the latest documents.