The specific documents to prove financial support for Canadian student visa

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Last year, I did my own study visa, I didn’t go SDS, I went for the general visa, and the following information was provided for reference for the proof of assets.

GIC deposit slip: remitted 1W to Canada
Certificate of deposit: about 30, frozen for 3 months
monthly bank card balance within six months.
Sesame credit: Sesame credit greater than 750 can be used to apply for a Canadian visa
Proof of work and salary: I was still working at that time, so I issued a certificate of salary and work, and it was notarized.
So my financial documents are the above 5 documents summarized in a PDF compilation; in addition, my offer had already marked the tuition fees needed, so I did not prepare additional tuition fees.

The following materials I did not provide, but can be considered according to your own situation, as appropriate.

Proof of property: If you have a property, you can provide a real estate certificate (just translate it yourself), if you have a record of purchasing a house, you can provide a purchase contract
If you apply for SDS (IELTS score > 6 can apply, I heard that faster than the ordinary school visa), you need to pay a year of tuition to the school, and provide a receipt or proof of tuition has been paid
If the funds do not come from your own account and you need to be supported by your parents (or other relatives).

Proof of parent’s (or other relative’s) employment and salary, notarized
Half-yearly bank statement (or monthly balance) of parents (or other relatives), which can be typed bilingually at the bank window
Certificate of deposit of parents (or other relatives), preferably frozen for 3 months
Proof of the relationship between your parents (or other relatives) and you, such as your birth certificate, which needs to be notarized, and then attach a scan of the front and back of your parents’ (or other relatives’) ID cards, with translation instructions
In addition, in case of good grades and a scholarship.

If it is a full scholarship, documentation of the scholarship and a small amount for living expenses is sufficient
If it is not a full scholarship, other financial documents should also be prepared