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How to get your debt paid off in 5 years

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No matter how much money you owe, you will definitely be able to pay it off in five years, do you believe it? Because I am using this method, five months time, I paid off 180,000 debt, still 100,000 short of repayment, but conservatively speaking, this year I am sure to be able to shore, in fact, I think this method is also very simple, share it with you.

The first point after the debt we must go to the family to confess, must not hide, because a lie is needed 100 bigger lies to round, unless you have a very good reason and a very high emotional intelligence, otherwise, do not pull some off the cuff a poke on the broken flower, there is no impermeable wall under the sky, family members will also know us these things sooner or later, so do not deliberately to hide anything, in the matter is not Before the expansion, you think the appropriate way to say it, to minimize the damage to the family, and strive to get the family’s understanding, so we can at least do a stop in conscience.

The second point is that whether you owe personal or online loans or owe cards, as long as you feel that you can not pay back, you have to take the initiative to call them, or even face to face, to make it clear to the other party that they will not renege on their debts, this time do not easily do what, repayment plan, or promise when you can repay, regardless of the other party to pressure you with any form, you have to first use your sincerity, so that The purpose of talking to the debtor is to buy more time for ourselves to make money without worrying. During this period, you do not care about anyone’s remarks and opinions about you, you just need to be a dummy who will make money and be an honest old scoundrel who will not renege on his debts.

Third, you have to strictly manage their own time and finances, to insist on writing a daily income and expenditure notes, in addition, most of the debtors will have lazy procrastination, time is not self-control of these problems, so once you have time to read time management books, the day inside the important things are first written down, and then according to the priorities to take care of, some people never care about these trivial things, but also do not care about their money Some people never care about these trivial matters, nor do they care about the destination of their money, or even the passage of time. He felt that bookkeeping is a small thing, but sometimes it is this small thing will manage your time, for you to sort out wealth, and even improve your thinking and counter-thinking ability, and I do so, I am now every day in the bookkeeping.

Fourth, the need to find a job first, to ensure your basic living expenses, do not go to listen to the so-called what indebted people, part-time jobs, ah, there is never a way out, do not start a business will never turn over the day, such empty slogans on paper, because, you must first recognize a reality, is that most of the current indebted people, he is in debt after facing the real state of life, is that he first to solve his survival problems, and then Use your spare time to seriously learn a skill, or to study some of your own engaged in some of the areas you are good at, store strength, waiting for the outbreak of opportunities, no matter what kind of skills you choose, such as you open a self-media side business, or try to set up a business ah, or engage in sales class part-time jobs, etc., as long as you insist on going to perform five years of time, enough for you to become a god in your field of expertise When you become a god-level character, you will no longer worry because of the problem, do not have to tell me what you do not have time, even if a person, eight hours a day to work, two hours to work, eat an hour, sleep eight hours, that you still have five hours of time to use, so after the debt of this stage, you do not give yourself any excuse to brush video to play games, to You only need to strictly manage your time, seriously study a thing, and adhere to five years you will be able to successfully shore, you can listen to understand?