How do I use my own Credit Loan?

Do you require to have an excellent credit report to obtain a trainee lending?

If the salary clocked below 10,000 yuan customers, please moderate the use of credit cards, chanting these lines of credit, do not overspend, overspending is in the consumption of their future, can not pay back, the future you will always be running on the road to repay debts.

Punch card more than 10,000 yuan, directly to the bank for almost impossible, it is recommended to choose a credit company, such as China Earth Insurance and other types of insurance companies, they have credit department, and the bank cooperation, interest are similar to the bank, but also do not charge a fee, this credit company can installment 3 years, so the pressure of monthly repayments is not very big. It allows you to avoid being charged a fee by the agency.

The difference between intermediary companies and credit companies is that they charge a fee, there are many customers who are not qualified to meet their requirements, and then the customer urgent money, they began to fly around, is to lend money to other companies, all the banks brush over the customer’s credit can not be lent, they began to find a small loan company, online loans several, good situation to the customer to lend funds, credit spent, the bank will turn away such customers, bad The case is that everywhere can not be lent, but also the credit inquiries are a mess, and then the loan can not be. Of course not all agents are like this, if the customer is not eager to request they generally will not be forced, after all, the customer is a long-term cooperation.

Warm tips: credit cards do not have late, there is a minimum payment when you do not think about bank loans, the bank will determine that you do not have money to pay, including other loans, this social credit is really important, please moderate consumption.

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