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How many forms of loans are there now to be made with a home?

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There are generally two ways to get a loan, one is a personal credit loan, one is a property mortgage loan.

1, personal credit loans pure credit loans do not need to use the house mortgage, but a house is the highlight, in the loan evaluation of the big data is a plus, if you have a fixed job and income, social security provident fund a little better, or do business with flowing water also, these qualifications can apply for bank credit loans, a single bank line is generally ranging from 100-300,000, interest 4-8% ranging from 3-5 years equal amount The principal and interest or first interest after the capital are available, because you have a property in your name, so in general than no housing office workers to approve the amount of a little higher.

2, real estate mortgage real estate mortgage is to mortgage the house, the amount can be achieved about 70% of the appraised value of the house, the interest rate is lower than the pure credit loan, the current annualized can be achieved 3.7%-4.05% or so, 10 years after the interest or 20 years equal principal and interest can be done, the specific need to be based on the nature and state of your property comprehensive assessment, of course, also depends on the personal credit report situation, credit If you’re not too bad, you can usually get a grant, if you’re married you need both spouses to sign, because this belongs to the common property of the couple.