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Personal debt planning is easy and laughs at all kinds of insolvency

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It’s been two years since the initial outbreak of debt, and I’ve experienced everything from panic and remorse to escapism and self-destruction to the present positive face towards the light.
Looking back on my journey, the heartache behind it, people who have not experienced it, will never be able to appreciate.
But the decision that changed my predicament was definitely to start doing debt planning, so I’ll also write about this experience, hoping to give you some reference advice.
Personal debt planning is very simple, no need to list all the details of debts, long-term stress imbalance, not everyone has the courage to tear open has been numb to their own, hysterical to avoid the problem of debts.
We can solve the problem in batches according to the priority of the arrears.
There are two prerequisites, one is to be able to support yourself, even survival is a problem, there is no point in discussing repayment.
The second is that if the credit card owes more than 50,000 principal, you need to avoid problems magnified can not be lost for a long time, all other arrears are civil.
Planning ideas
1, first of all, if the mortgage car loan is not dealt with, overdue more than 90 days may go to litigation process, repayment will not lose ownership.
2、Friends and relatives owe more or less repay a little each month, less finger pointing, leave a little face to the family, guilt is a little less.
3, credit card debt negotiation stop interest pending, divided into 5 years and 60 repayments, the bank will not easily agree to be normal, to understand the ways and means.
4, then is a variety of platform borrowing, regardless of the size, can be seen as online loans. It is the worst results involved is also a civil case.
Debts to be paid, there are difficult times, according to the priority treatment.
Online loan chapter
For online loans, we have to look at our own contracts and account for how much we have paid back? Is it enough to repay the principal? The law protects the principal amount of the loan, and we should be clear about this.
If we do not have enough money to repay the principal, the small loan can call us legally and reasonably. If the principal amount is enough, the final solution is to negotiate the legal interest. Of course, if we have money, do not want to be called, do not want to affect so much, we still this part to pay back the money. If there is really no money to pay back, we will be called, even credit impact, in addition to the worst results involved in the civil case.
So, for small loans, do not think so terrible, do not be intimidated to, try to earn enough money to find them negotiated reductions to pay off. As for me, I really have no way to care.
In the face of small loan collections, if you are really no money to pay back, you have to clarify an attitude: you can not go to the loan to feed the loan, can not go to the east wall to make up for the west wall, on a firm statement: I do not have money to pay back, the money to pay back. Feel free to harass them.
When they feel that you are really no money, from you can not squeeze the oil, slowly they will give up on your collection. But you have to be prepared for this process.
Credit card chapter
Dealing with late credit cards is something we need to take more seriously. If family, relatives, friends, etc. can come up with the money, try to pay off your credit card. Nowadays, there are many people who give their credit cards to others to help pay them off for a fee, but this does not stop the debt, does not reduce it, and even increases it. Since we have to settle the debt, we must pay it off and reduce the amount of our debt step by step.
Dealing with credit cards, first: we have to take the initiative, the initiative is our only choice, can not escape, can not let the bank can not find you people.
Second: treat the bank’s collection to be sincere, truthful, can not lie to people, can not do not promise, try to avoid and bank staff to raise the bar (in addition to some outside the commission involves violence). Because if we raise a bar with the bank, in fact, people can really sue us, do not doubt this.
In accordance with the regulations of the Banking Regulatory Commission, we have a personalized repayment plan of 5 years of pending interest suspension installments. But many banks will not easily agree. I was bombarded with all kinds of collections, and under pressure to negotiate by phone from bank to bank.
With each bank to negotiate the principal installment, the highest amount of China Merchants Card at that time the amount has been reduced to 48,000, to do 60 periods, other banks Pfaff, Ping An, Minsheng were 24-36 periods ranging, finally saw the light of day.
So, credit cards or actively go to treat, more money, more savings, money to have the courage to go to them to negotiate a solution; usually also to avoid the risk.
1, pay attention to a variety of direct debit, basic living expenses using cash on the need to transfer money to find family members to help.

2. Set your cell phone to silent when you work, and if you often have to take business calls, add or change your usual cell phone number and report to the bank.
The bank’s commission third party calls frequently, keep the evidence of the violation, claiming that the complaint to the CBI, asking the bank to stop the third party to call the money owed.
3, do not waste time to tangle with online loans, free to take the initiative to call the platform customer service, tell the difficulties expressed is not trying to renege on the debt.
Earn enough after a settlement, ask for a fee waiver, do not agree to pay back first agreed to reduce the online loans, one by one to deal with.
4, let go of distractions to adjust the mindset, pacify the family emotions, openly face the eyes of friends and relatives.