Is there formal debt planning?

Just How to Re-finance Moms And Dad AND ALSO Loans

Let me answer this question. Please also look at my previous answers to other people’s questions. I hope I can help your friend.

First of all, your friend has no time to be able to deal with it by himself, if he has time to deal with it completely by himself. There is also planning this not matter, say it all is false, all the planning is the planning of how to repay yourself, any have no way to know you better than yourself. The scheme made by the legal company is finally subject to negotiation of the actual situation.

You don’t have to doubt what is said, you can read my previous answers to the question. Anyway, first of all, let’s be clear about how much of our monthly income is available for repayment, and we should plan for ourselves first.

If necessary, we may also need a second income, in short, people do not die, debt does not suck. When planning for ourselves we need to learn some knowledge, not need to be very professional but we must know. Here I’ll elaborate, hey hey hey Focus on the attention! Attention! Attention!

First we need to know what the annualization of each platform is and how the annualization is calculated. There are online loans that have an annualization that is more than the standard. This kind of words is possible we can put him at the end of the processing priority. Because this kind of platform unreasonable interest, first of all, he does not dare to easily prosecute you. So what should we prioritize? Definitely the first to deal with the bank (especially the four major banks) because the bank is the state, must be handled first. Because the best negotiation is the bank, the fastest prosecution is also the bank.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have the right amount of money. Is it amazing what the hell is a non-credit platform? Because some online loan platforms have been excluded from the credit system because of non-compliance.

I say this do not know if you see, if not understand can comment to comment. When we need a legal firm to do the program, the legal firm how to do is to defer the installment, the legal firm will not tell you the priority of the treatment, in short, defer the installment of a set of programs to do down and then you pay a fee, the latter difficulties can not help you to deal with.

So ah, I think their own debt, can only be their own planning. It is in your own best interest, welcome to exchange.