Talking about insurance loans?

Numerous brand-new university graduates are embeded low-wage work

I am in the insurance loan, a total of 60,000 loans, 21 months to repay 57603, each month to repay 2743. of which the insurance premium is 882. per month, that is, of which 18522 are premiums. The principal and the bank’s interest together is only 39800 more.

This kind of loan should have a lot of people into the pit, not only sunshine have, I have seen on the Internet peace, earth, human insurance should have.

The following talk with you, there are ways to defend the right to try.

First, the insurance company can lend, this loan in the end what is going on

First of all, the insurance company can not lend, this loan is the insurance company with the bank’s cooperation program, the lending institution of the sun is Zhongguancun Bank.

4 days before the monthly bank debit, the people of Sunshine began to call, the money deposited to the then associated with the repayment card, they will operate the real app debit Zhongguancun Bank

See, the bank and the insurance company are on the defense, this is not a matter that can come to the surface after all.

But this thing and do the legal compliance, we ordinary people can only dumb to eat, hold back.

Legal compliance, does not mean it is reasonable ah.

I 21 months to pay back more than 57,000 of the 57,000 in addition to the bank’s principal and interest, there are more than 18,000 insurance premiums, this premium is collected monthly, this premium is the key to this loan.

This premium is called credit protection insurance, the policy is signed when the loan is concluded, the length of insurance is equal to the length of the loan, that is to say, the loan is 3 years, the insurance is 3 years.

What is the coverage? To put it bluntly, it is a substitute, if we do not have the money to pay back, the insurance company will pay the remaining outstanding principal and interest to the bank on schedule.

However, it should be noted that, according to the special agreement of the policy, if we are overdue and the insurance company pays us back, the insurance company will not only recover the principal and interest portion of the bank, but also the premiums payable for each period.

It is simply incomprehensible that I have to recover the unpaid premiums behind the monthly premiums that I have paid and the insurance responsibilities have been fulfilled.

It’s like when we bought an accident insurance policy that pays 100,000 when a person dies, pays for 10 years, the person dies in the first year, and the insurance company finishes paying the 100,000 and asks the person to pay the premium for the next 9 years.

This is a rogue to charge for the insurance that has already fulfilled the insurance responsibility.

Through the insurance liability can be seen, the bank through this credit protection insurance, has transferred all the risk to the insurance company, so, in this cooperation model, the bank lends and collects interest, a little bad is not afraid, is really a dream to wake up laughing.

Therefore, this loan model is the cooperation between the insurance company and the two financial giants of the bank, blatantly through the legal and compliant means, harvesting loan consumer behavior.

Second, the set up – simple but not simple

After reading the above, some friends may think, according to their operation, this can be considered a loan binding insurance, you can complain about them, right?

Sorry, the insurance company has long thought of.

This loan to do when the salesman said the bank interest rate of 6 percent, and will not say anything about insurance.

After there is a willingness to handle, the salesman will tell you someone to call back, go through a process, you cooperate, all answer know, the loan can be approved.

Then there will be a return visit, the entire audio and video recording, will inform you of the loan at the same time binding a credit protection insurance, tell you how much you pay each month, ask your loan purposes, at this time most people will not think much, in order to get the money, according to the salesman explained answer know on the end.

So, you clearly know there is an insurance in the loan ah, how can you say that people bound sales, or you do not know it.

I was doing this after the return visit felt wrong, and then asked him to tell you, this insurance is to give you increased credit, no this insurance, the loan can not come down.

This time the salesman said the line of credit down today does not lapse tomorrow, the money better use a year, a long time is not appropriate and so on, most people this time because of the urgent use of money, also applied.

This process is complicated? Not at all complicated, from approval to processing, on half a day, but, the insurance company has made the audio and video recordings are done.

You said they loan bound insurance, people said you knew at the time, we are adults, you can not deny it.

That has to admit ah, what they say, people have video ah.

So, from this point of view we can’t do anything about it.

Third, where is the unreasonable place, how to defend the rights

This set of processes, the most unreasonable place where it is, before seeing a lot of people in various channels to complain about this type of loan business, but the final result of how no follow-up.

I also turned online for a long time, did not find anyone to write this thing out, so that’s why this article.

First, let’s analyze this model of cooperation between insurance companies and banks.

I make monthly repayments of 2743 of which there is a premium of 882. According to me, this premium should be paid to the insurance company, but it is deducted by the bank, why is that?

In the special agreement of the policy, there is a clause that the policyholder entrusts the insured to deduct the monthly premium payable from the designated account.

You may want to ask: When did I entrust them to deduct the money? The insurance company will say, “You signed it when you took out the policy.”

When we sign, we sign on the app and many of the contents are not always looked at carefully, and at that time I didn’t notice if there was any policy related information.

It is also possible to sign a word, set a bunch of contracts, time, I myself a little unclear, if a friend can remember how many words you signed at the time, the policy and loan contract is not all signed, if not signed so much, then there is said.

Back to the above, the bank has a kind of assessment called “intermediate business income”, referred to as the middle income, the insurance middle income is actually a great source of intermediate business income.

The premiums are deducted by the bank, through the bank to the insurance company, the premiums are counted as the bank, and the insurance company will give the bank a settlement.

In other words, the bank in this lending business on the basis of normal interest, and an increase in intermediate business income, this income from the process, no problem at all, completely legal compliance, but in fact, the bank through the collection, disguised to enhance the income of the loan.

The bank’s insurance collection in these two years the control of the more stringent, now the highest proportion can not exceed 50% of the premium, friends, the bank’s small loan department to take on this business, both lending, and take the collection, but also no risk, is really a dream to wake up laughing.

The final bill is who is it, we the loan people.

The banks are benefiting from this, but what about the insurance companies?

The insurance company is not a charity, according to the loan amount of 60,000, the premium is collected monthly, the overall calculation of a year premium of 10,000, 3 years premium on more than 30,000.

In the market, half of the credit protection insurance charge how much, I found a friend through a friend, asked the normal charge of this business how much.

Guess what, the loan amount of 100,000, the charge of 2,000.

Is a year ah, 2 thousand a year.

Loan 60,000 a year to charge 10,000 is what the situation, beyond the market average 10 times!

Of course, people will certainly also say, we are the products are reported by the banking and insurance supervision, you can go to check what so and so.

Since people dare to do, it is certainly not afraid.

This money comes much easier ah.

This fee, this product insurance companies can earn how much fees, I can not even think about.

The cost of insurance products is how to calculate it, is the income – claims reserve provision – costs (labor + other amortization) – taxes – insurance protection fund – fees (bank in the collection).

Charging at the level of 2k a year, the product fee is almost 20-30%, 10 times more than the average rate, I really shudder to think.

Moreover, this premium has been the same, the first month, the principal of 60,000, pay 2743 also 21 months of the principal is now left about 25,000, or pay 882 every month

But the actual insurance company to bear the risk is always decreasing, I do not know if you see, to me to bear the risk of 60,000, charge me 882 to the end, even if only to me to bear the risk of 1 yuan, or charge 882 so much.