How can we analyze the company’s financial performance and business?

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Financial management (company financial management, FM) requires RATIO as support, and compares at the same time as the average level of industry or leading enterprises, because there is a big difference between the industry and the industry. If there is no RATIO to support it, it is difficult to be clear through external information. Understanding the company’s financial status, I have also learned the analysis of financial cases before. I feel that the direction of the subject wants to know is the same, so I will tell how to analyze the analysis method of financial case analysis. The company’s financial situation will only be forced to open financial reports only when listed companies. There are not many public financial reports without listing, and it is not necessary. Therefore, the premise of our next discussion is a listed company.

1. Past external information. The various developments of this company must be generally felt from the news. Experienced financial personnel can already have a rough impression from the news. Of course, my beginner doesn’t feel much … Suppose you make a case and find the starting point of a case. What’s wrong with this company? Of course, this is related to finance. If you don’t do a case, you just appreciate a company and want to know it. Then you will know a lot of news. You will think this company is very powerful.

2. The average RATIO company of the system and its industry, the analysis of the company’s RATIO is divided into financial conditions and business conditions. Those Ratio analysis you see, either an analyst has rich experience or news in the industry. There will be inaccurate data and other reasons. Some questions such as Ratio. What you have to do next is:
a. There is a rough understanding of the industry through the industry average (don’t underestimate this step, such as the profit margin of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industry is much worse, there are many reasons behind it).
b. Understand the comparisons of various industries in your company and the company’s position in the industry. At this time, you can easily find something wrong, so you can analyze it.
c. Compare the leading enterprises or horizontal enterprises in a certain industry. At this time, whether a company’s financial situation is very intuitive. Generally speaking, the company’s financial situation is very intuitive. It is good to analyze the aspects you want to know.
There is also a system that has learned related courses, or “people have never learned, people just know.” This system starts from the ROE on the top. Basically, the problem of this company will be more clear, and business is just one of the financial analysis.
3. Through the first two steps, the issues that should be clear now are clear, and the conclusion is also very good. It mainly supports your correct conclusions by analyzing various analysis. The difference is that you must combine the collected materials or experiences, otherwise it is best not to analyze the sky and horses in the conclusion …