Is a home mortgage available to anyone?

VA To Cover Late Home Mortgage Repayments For 60K House Owners

There is a class of people in the financial loan property mortgage industry that specializes in dealing with difficult rooms, all kinds of difficult problems, special people, special properties, all kinds of abnormalities. The interest rate is 2-3 times higher than the bank loan is normal.

The subject should be —- is not everyone can do “bank” property mortgage. There are many kinds of mortgage loans, banks, institutions, small loan companies, private lending.

Not all properties, all people can do property mortgage. I’ll put a link at the back to find the answer to understand the property mortgage; I’ll talk about some of the properties and people who can’t do bank mortgages here.

Each bank has different policy requirements and product features. But basically, the following types are prohibited.

Criminal cases, economic crimes, lending disputes, defaulters, executors, people with high consumption restrictions, and those with negative information about wind rating or big data, mortgage holders over 70 years old. This kind of people have relatively high interest rate small lenders trust will not give mortgage pledge.

Seized properties, enforced properties, properties with unclear ownership, special policy properties (let’s say the affordable housing after 2008, two restricted houses), rural properties, private houses, and old properties over 50 years old.

In addition to the small number of banks that have consumer loan products, the use of houses as collateral is generally required to have a business. The company has a tax-related case, a relatively large debt dispute, a breach of trust enforcement restrictions on high-spending enterprises, special industry enterprises such as entertainment venues, P2P investment class, real estate class.

Credit: the borrower couple has a vicious overdue, especially in the last 2 years there are four consecutive months five months or even more consecutive overdue, credit part of the account status and five levels of classification of doubtful, frozen, stop payment, concern, subordinate, suspicious, loss, guarantors in lieu of their own inability to repay the loan on time, to capital against debt, non-normal settlement.