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The current situation of Internet finance and its development trend?

Full transcript of “Face the Nation” on April 26, 2020

The first computer was invented in 1946, and information technology gradually penetrated various industries, and in the early days, the financial industry improved its efficiency through the use of electronic devices such as ATMs and POS machines.
In 1997, the birth of the first online bank, China Merchants Bank, marked the beginning of the era of Internet finance, and after 2000, against the backdrop of the rise of e-commerce, Internet finance broke through the constraints of time and geography to provide close and convenient financial services, and the customer It has a wide coverage and rapid development. After 2004, Internet finance entered into a rapid growth period.
Generally speaking, the emerging business models of Internet finance include “Internet+payment”, “Internet+lending” and “Internet+financing”, which are the three mainstream models. Some emerging Internet financial products have been born respectively.
In addition, Internet finance includes not only the reorganization and connection of resources to the original financial industry, but also the incubation of new business models from 0 to 1, typically online crowdfunding.
In 2019, the release and implementation of policies related to Internet finance maintained the same lineage as in previous years. The regulators always adhere to the general attitude of “prudence and rigor”, and in the context of the current supply-side structural reform of the financial industry, the regulatory policies of Internet finance have become more standardized and specific.
First of all, along with the continuous progress and development of technology, the regulators strictly adhere to the bottom line of the industry for those Internet financial services with a large impact and innovative features, such as in the big data violations and APP theft of personal information security, the governance of 2019 to upgrade and strictly prevent.
Secondly, in the blockchain, P2P lending, Internet insurance and other specific areas and business level, regulation for the continuous refinement of management, the policy as well as the system continues to adjust and seek advice to promote the healthy development of the market;.
Finally, FinTech has risen to be an important national strategy, and the promulgation of the “Financial Technology (FinTech) Development Plan (2019-2021)” in 2019 has pointed out the direction and coordinated future planning for China’s Internet finance and even related industries.