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Personal application for home mortgage mortgage, beware of these traps!

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Nowadays it is easy to get a loan, banks every street, lending institutions are countless, but because of this, when we go to apply for a home mortgage, more careful, because there are too many loan schemes, beware of various loan schemes become each of us should be concerned about, like low-interest loans, 0 interest loans, etc. …… These schemes will invariably be charged a variety of fees, so that they suffer economic losses, therefore, individuals in the home mortgage loan, must avoid the following these schemes to prevent being deceived. The next step is to take you through some of the schemes that occur in personal applications for home mortgages.
A. Personal credit bleaching
Many loans are rejected because of the personal credit taint, so the “wash off personal credit taint” such fraudulent techniques have arisen, through various ways to spread: there are special channels and ways, the bank has internal staff, personal credit bleaching is not a problem …… The bank and other professional institutions have already dispelled the rumors about this point: it is not practical to casually remove the personal credit taint.
The people who believe in whitewashing personal credit through internal staff often spend money and invite guests, but things can’t be done, and personal credit report remains the same, so the claim of bleaching personal credit can never be believed!
Second, hidden fees
When an individual applies for a home mortgage, he or she must ask about the fees and then decide, there are many “hidden fees” that will make us eat a lot of dumb losses, the result is that in the end, the procedure has gone for a long time, the process is almost done, fees, service fees, management fees and various fees come one after another.
If you do not pay, the work in front of a waste of time, if you pay, knowing that such fees are unreasonable, but still have to eat this loss, some bad institutions seize the psychology of customers in urgent need of capital turnover, so that customers pay additional fees, resulting in economic losses.
Third, ultra-low interest temptation
The competition in the loan market has become more and more intense over time, in order to get more customers, many lending institutions under a variety of guises, specifically waiting for those who want to take advantage of the customer, until the actual signing of the contract, when the release of the so-called “head cut interest” method.
The simplest, such as loans through the 1000 yuan, lending after the chopping head interest only to the borrower 800 yuan, seems to enjoy a low interest rate, but in fact cost a lot more than the normal interest.
Fourth, late repayment interest rollover
When we make an application for a home mortgage, we should pay extra attention to the loan late fees, part of the informal lending institutions do not have formal rules and regulations like banks, once the loan is overdue, the high price of late fees will make you suffer a lot, in the end, it will appear that they are constantly paying back the money, but the more you pay more and more.
Five, credit blacklist application loans
Many people have run before and after many lenders, the results are rejected for one reason – personal credit, then there will be such people, telling you that the credit blacklist can also apply for loans, and can be 100% down, is not to feel the snow to send charcoal?
The most important thing is that you will not be able to afford the pressure of repayment. If even a formal institution like a bank will not pass the loan application, then it proves that the borrower himself is a problem.
The home mortgage is actually very easy to pass the application, only some people with ulterior motives or institutions bottomless money, will make people feel that this type of loan scheme, the water is deep.