What kind of existence is finance

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When it comes to finance, most people may reflexively think of “Wall Street”, “investment banking”, and financial people often say “Financial Modeling”.
Among them, Financial Modeling is a very high level for many laymen. So what kind of existence is this “Financial Modeling”?
What are Financial Models?
In a nutshell, Financial Modeling is the calculation of various reference values (such as the commonly used indexes) over a period of time by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, which is used for investment analysts to write reports or research.
But not only the four operations is very simple and low, behind the fact that involves a lot of logical judgment, exchange rate conversion, time difference conversion, each point in time corresponding to the value of storage.
Someone once compared modeling to the process of “distilling coffee”.
The coffee beans are “10K/10Q/SEC Fillings”;
The grinding tool is a software or language such as Excel sheet;
The extract is the final thesis, i.e. the investment view.
Therefore, a good cup of “financial coffee” requires not only good coffee beans, but also powerful grinding tools to get a delicate extract to make such a satisfactory cup of coffee.
Application of inancial Models
Accounting or finance: History and forecast of three financial statements;
For project investment or project management: NPV/IRR models, etc;
For equity and bond investment: market size forecast, investment value forecast (DCF and Comparable, etc.), etc., return forecast for various types of equity;
Trading: model estimation and execution strategies for various financial products (FX, derivatives, etc.), etc.
AQF: quantitative financial analyst (AQF, Analyst of Quantitative Finance) by the Standard Committee of Quantitative Finance (SCQF) examination and certification, is a professional level certificate representing the field of quantitative finance.